Electrical Grids Construction

InterPhoton Group has constructed a large Electrical Grid in the region of central Greece in order to inject electrical power of three of its photovoltaic projects into the National Electrical Grid. The total lenght of the electrical line is 27 km, 17 km underground and 10 km aerial. The construction lasted 4 months and it consisted of largescale excavation works, cabling installations, concrete constructions, road enhancements and a wide variety of earthworks.

The electrical Grid covers the necessary power capacity of three photovoltaic parks  6 MW total power, which have been financed, designed, developed and constructed by InterPhoton Group. In addition, the electrical grid can afford at about 1 MW more in case every adjacent power station needs to inject electrical power into the Greek National Electrical Grid.

The 27 km Electrical Grid is one of the largest similar projects in Greece and is considered as a milestone for the construction of grids for the connection of photovoltaic plants. Our Group aims also to construct Electrical Grids when it is ready to develop and install the three wind parks 50 MW total power capacity within 2014.