Photovoltaic Parks in Greece

Photovoltaic Parks on Greece

Solar Energy is in the core of InterPhoton's Group investment strategy, as we have a unique portfolio of constructed photovoltaic parks. The irradiation level in Greece is ideal for commitment to solar energy and looking forward to a green future, less CO2 emissions and sustainable energy. Having developed 10 largescale photovoltaic plants, InterPhoton Group invest in solar energy, providing flexible solutions for its clients. Read more

Wind Parks in Greece

Winds park in Greece

50 MW Wind Parks are developed by InterPhoton Group in Central Greece. We are looking for coolaboration in order to finance, construct and implement the projects  which show an excellent wind potential are under mature licensing procedures, ready to acquire Installation Licenses. Our team plans to cooperate with every interested part in order to achieve this goal and develop further its activities via wind masts installation in Greece.  Read more