Our History

InterPhoton Investment Group is investing in Greece since 1976. Our Group invested initially in real estate in Greece, constructing and exploitating residential and commercial buildings in Athens and luxurious villas in Kefalonia island. Until now, InterPhoton Group has already constructed over sixty buildings which are characterized by innovation, exceptional design and high quality.


In 2006, InterPhoton Group became active in Renewable Energy field, developing the first two largescale photovoltaic projects in Greece. Today, our Group owns 10 photovoltaic parks, 20 MW total power capacity in several regions in Greece. All of the projects have been licensed, designed, constructed, developed and implemented by the Group and its engineering and construction team, which undertakes the operation and maintenance of all of the projects too. 


In 2009, InterPhoton Group created a Wind Laboratory which was certified by ISO 17025 for the evaluation of wind measurements. We installed meteorological masts in several positions in Greek land in order to record wind potential and evaluate possible investing in wind energy in Greece. The initial phase of the wind energy development has lead to a total of 50 MW licensing for 3 wind projects development in Central Greece.


InterPhoton Group is looking forward to expanding its activities in Renewable Energy field and implement initially the 50 MW wind project in Central Greece. Our vision is to develop constantly and adapt to the modern technologies and the trends of global market in means of reliability and high professionalism. Having a green orientation and an ambitious team of professionals who monitor  and adjust in the new trends of the global market, we are certain for the sustainability of our Group and its steady expanding.



  • 1980 - 1981 Supervision of the civil and mechanical works for the erection of Lowenbrau Beer Factory in Patras - Greece

  • 1981-1984 Supervision of large scale industrial facilities in Lagos, Kano, Calabar and Maiduguri - Nigeria

  • 1985 - 2009 Construction and exploitation of residential and commercial buildings - Athens

  • 1985 - 2009 Construction and exploitation of touristic buildings - Kefalonia island, Greece

  • 2009 Development, construction and operation of the first largescale photovoltaic park in Greece in position Dimosia, 2MW total power - Central Greece

  • 2009 - 2013 Development, construction, financing and operation of largescale photovoltaic parks, 20 MW total power - Greece

  • 2009 - 2013 Collaboration with all major Greek Banks and financial institutions for the implementation of our photovoltaic projects.

  • 2009 Creation of Wind Laboratory - ISO 17025 Certification - Erection of 12 meteorological masts for wind measurements - Greece

  • 2012 Acquisition of three Production Licenses for wind parks construction, total power 50 MW - Central Greece


Our vision

InterPhoton Group aims initially to make secure investments in Greece and other countries related to sustainable development. Investments include mainly solar and wind energy, but IITG is willing to deal with other renewable energy sources such as solar thermal, biomass, geothermal energy etc. Having already invested in approximately 20MW of solar installations and developing 50MW wind parks' licenses, IIGT is looking forward to progress and invest more in the energy sector. In parallel, IITG will continue its development in the design and construction sector with the implementation of sustainable buildings which meet clients requirements, providing secure investing and financial consultancy services. Finally, IITG aims to contribute to the promotion of Greek Tourismnot only investin in real estate but also promoting traditional Greek products around the globe.

Our team

IITG is consisted of a group of highly qualified and skilled employees such as electical and civil engineers, accountants, project managers, IT managers, lawyers, environmentalists etc. We are capable of delivering large scale projects in the energy and constructions sectors due to our large experience and know how in these fields.