Interphoton Investment Group is a company active in renewable energy sources and specializes in the construction, operation and maintenance of photovoltaic and wind projects, as well as in domestic, commercial and industrial constructions. We started our business and investment journey in 1976 and today we are proud of the fact that we provide innovative and high standard solutions in both of our fields of action.

Our goal is to achieve sustainable investments in Greece and other countries connected with ‘’Green Growth’’. Solar, wind and other forms of energy such as geothermal, biomass as well as energy storage, either with the form of battery or hydrogen, in combination with electromobility and energy efficiency belong to the core of our new projects’ development and the future of our planet.


Our people
Our people is the basis for the sustainable development of Interphoton Investment Group. A strong family culture based on company’s ethics, mutual respect, trust, communication and teamwork.

Interphoton Investment Group’s success derives from all employees’ cooperation because they are the ones that lead the company to development and growth. We acknowledge that the success of our business activity depends on ethics and principles that every employee follows during every day action. Knowledge, experience and dynamism of employees guarantee company’s successful route to the future.

It is highly important for the Group to ensure that employees are satisfied with their work, to feel proud of themselves, of our company and activities. In order to achieve this, it is important to provide them a safe and creative environment.

Operating with a sense of responsibility and consistency towards our people, we aim to hire and retain qualified staff, which contributes to the continuous development of our company.  Remaining faithful to the vision of growth and creation of opportunities, from January 2021 we made recruitments of 5 people, of which three are men and two are women. The average age of these people is 28 years. It is our priority and our vision to create, evolve and take care of our team.

Our values bring positive results:

• We base our working relationships on mutual respect and justice

• We inform our colleagues about the important issues of the company

• We create the right conditions in our work environment , in order to express our ideas, beliefs and opinions, encouraging honest and reciprocal communication, for every issue related to the work and activity of the company, maintaining the culture of open communication

• We develop our people while investing in their education

• We adhere to the Health and Safety rules and manage to ensure excellent working conditions

Conditions of employment
People of Interphoton Investment Group is the company’s power. They are systematically supported in both their professional and personal growth, due to the company’s philosophy that employee should deal with his working environment as a constant challenge.

  • Health and safety education
  • Education concerning health and safety in working environment as well as in photovoltaic, wind parks and construction
  • Health and Safety
  • Ensuring excellent working conditions
  • Encourage practices that create a healthy work environment
  • Coronavirus protection masks
  • Hand sanitizers
  • Medical check-ups
  • Dining area
  • First aid area - pharmacy
  • Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) that are deemed necessary for the execution of work at wind and photovoltaic stations such as Helmet, Shoes, 5-point safety belt, Gloves, Reflective vest.
  • Opportunity for Development and Training - Career opportunities
  • Interphoton Investment Group offers a wide range of opportunities for career. The companies of the Group are active, among others, in solar and wind production and supply of energy, in the energy storage using batteries, and the utilization and development of real estate.

We systematically seek to gain a number of business advantages, such as increasing productivity, employee satisfaction, participation, retention of our human resources as well as attracting young and trained people. Defending the interests of our employees and the support we provide for their development is crucial to the way we operate. Discrimination is not part of the company's practices and we support human rights and equal opportunities. We ensure good and safe working conditions, respecting the balance between working time and the personal life of our employees.

We also implement appropriate organizational measures to ensure the integrity of complaints. The company, through the authorized persons at the management level, investigates and evaluates every complaint it receives and proceeds, where necessary, to corrective actions within the applicable legislation.

Finally, with the constant aim of providing equal opportunities to all, we reject all forms of social exclusion, we provide equal opportunities for professional careers regardless of gender, age, religion or nationality. We do not accept any kind of personal insult (eg moral, sexual or other forms of harassment) or unequal treatment due to nationality, racial origin, gender, marital status, religious or political beliefs or physical weaknesses, nor do we use any form forced or child labor. We support the right to freedom of association of our staff.


Interphoton Investment Group is responsible for good function and maintenance of the projects and the maintenance and application of environmental conditions so that its activities do not result in the irreversible impact, loss or degradation of protected and non-protected habitats.

During the construction phase of the projects, all measures are taken to reduce pollution (dust, noise, waste). At the same time, the relevant anti-pollution technologies and best practices are applied, as far as technically feasible, in order to limit the generated pollutant load to all potential recipients, and to minimize the impact of the company's activities on the environment and the ecosystems. Any damage to forest and vegetation in general during the construction of the project is limited to the absolutely necessary area and the interventions in the landscape are also minimized. The spatial planning of the installation of the projects is done with every possible clarity and detail so that the wood capital as well as the productivity and the dynamics of the areas are not affected. The felling or uprooting of forest shrubs and trees and the implementation of the company's projects is done in accordance with the provisions of the forest legislation and the suggestions of the local Forest Service. At the same time, all necessary measures are taken to prevent soil erosion.

Ecosystem protection and biodiversity conservation
The protection of biodiversity is integrated in the environmental strategy of the company in the areas where it develops its activities. Biodiversity protection is an integral part of the Interphoton Investment Group's environmental strategy. The company takes measures in accordance with the current legislation and the decisions approving the environmental conditions of operation of the projects (as well as the technical studies that accompany the applications submitted to the competent services) for the management of the natural environment, in the areas in which it operates.

The environmental strategy of Interphoton Investment Group includes protection of biodiversity by recording the species of birdlife, their distribution and location of feeding areas, the adaptation of a green zone around the plots by planting the species in each area, by taking measures for firefighting of the risk of fire transmission (taking measures for fire protection of vegetation, located near the works to be constructed - placing a fire hydrant in a position indicated by the Forest Services, for the supply of firefighting vehicles in case of fire).

Also, all necessary measures are taken to avoid pollution and to protect the surface, the groundwater and the soil of the nearby and wider area of the projects. Regarding the deforestation of vegetation, it is limited to the minimum required degree and exclusively for the construction needs of the projects, while the felling of forest trees and shrubs as well as the disposal of the materials resulting from it, is done in accordance with the provisions of forest legislation and instructions of the competent Forest Service.

Waste management
The generated hazardous waste is collected and temporarily stored in special sealed containers, which are stored in a specially designed space within the project and then delivered at regular intervals to licensed hazardous waste collection and transport companies, contracted with the relevant approved systems.

Non-hazardous waste of electrical and electronic equipment is temporarily stored, separately in special bins, which are located in a properly designed and marked area of the works or are removed immediately after the maintenance / repair of the electromechanical equipment of the works, and delivered to collection points, cooperating with the competent approved alternative management systems.

Compensatory benefits
We approach entrepreneurship with a sense of responsibility and transparency, recognizing the impact of our activity and implementing an action plan that aims at the financial development and viability of the company, while emphasizing the social contribution. We look forward to taking on a high level of social responsibility through the observance and promotion of human values as well as social, spiritual and cultural values. Finally, we make sure that our business is always in line with the interests of the local community.

Working, therefore, with responsible entrepreneurship as our main concern, we support networks, agencies and local communities by actively participating and respecting initiatives for the preservation and restoration of local communities and ecosystems. Interphoton Investment Group respects the natural environment and takes measures, following the current legislation, aimed at the conservation or restoration of natural habitats and wildlife in the areas where it operates. At the same time, the relevant anti-pollution technologies and best practices are applied, in order to minimize the impact of the activities on the environment and ecosystems. In this context, 102,901 sq.m. have been reforested (a total of 10,016 saplings: pines, cypresses, spruce, holly and wild olive). The purpose of reforestation is the restoration of the landscape for reasons of both protection and aesthetics, always maintaining the balance in the relationship between environment and man.

The Group, with respect to the society in which it operates, supports socially vulnerable groups and those in real need. We are committed to working with our social partners, listening to and taking into account their needs and seeking to be as helpful as we can. Our goal is to promote and support actions aimed at alleviating the less privileged social groups and to strengthen bodies that have shown significant and long-term work in this direction, locally and collectively. For this reason, we make donations to organizations and social groups and support many actions of social benefit. We contribute to initiatives that promote local communities and contribute to their development and aim at the continuous upgrading of our relations with them. Our success and our policy are based on the trust and support of the local community. It is important to understand social needs and expectations in order to promote and support actions that address the most important concerns of society.

Our business ethics and, above all, our voluntary ethical commitments, are the values of our Companies and are the main concern of our actions. Combining business development in a responsible and ethical way towards society and future generations, leads to a transparent operating framework by supporting and developing the local community. In this basis, Interphoton Investment Group has taken supportive actions in the areas where it operates, improving the quality of life and landscape. Specifically, maintenance, repair, water supply and financial support projects have taken place in order to support and develop the local communities in which our company operates. We substantially strengthen the structures of local communities and contribute to the creation of local value chains by creating employment opportunities for staff from our areas of activity, while at the same time we select local suppliers to meet our needs. We offer financial and logistical support to public benefit and educational institutions of the local community, as well as to the local self-government.

Donation to Lefktra, Municipality of Thebes: Interphoton Investment Group carried out maintenance and repair of a traditional fountain - square in the Community of Lefktra (benches, lighting, painting, cleaning), the repair / insulation of a water tank with special certified waterproofing material in a school, church and monastery of Lefktra as well as various sponsorships in sports clubs, cultural clubs and financial aid to less privileged families.



Donation to Kaparelli, Municipality of Thebes: Interphoton Investment Group excavated a ditch for the installation of a DEYATH pipeline from Kaparelli to Kalamaki, widening the road from Kaparelli to Agios Vassilios, construction of the coastal road in Agios Vassilios and various sponsorships in athletic and cultural clubs, schools, logistical equipment as well as Christmas cultural events.

Donation for the coverage of basic needs of military outpost of Ro island which contributes to the support of far from mainland  inhabitants and to the improvement of their life conditions.