Civil Works, Building and Green Constructions

Interphoton Group has 35 years of experience in residential, commercial and industrial buildings constructions in Greece and abroad. The construction work of the Group is divided in three major categories: civil works which include concrete constructions, excavations, foundations - buildings construction which include all the necessary works for the implementation of a building such as excavation, foundation, stonework and concrete works, electrical and mechanical installations - green constructions which include the implementation of largescale photovoltaic plants.

Construction works

We have a large experience in any kind of civil works, providing advice and carrying out tasks of all kind in concrete and undertaking all the necessary earthworks (excavations, new roads , drilling activities)

Having implemented more than 50 buildings, we carry out every necessary activity for the total construction of a modern building such as the foundation, the cement work, the electrical installations of the house and all the components needed for its construction.

We focus on the civil works of every green project, as it is the core of its excellent construction and future sustainability. The geotechnical studies, the foundation of the aluminum bases, the fencing and the foundation of the substation are key parts of every successful photovoltaic project.